Stuff from early April

Last month was slow, this month feel's like there's been more going on so I'll update now, and then again (perhaps) by the end of the month.

Sacha uploads the EmacConf videos

her playlist is online. It was a great conference and lots of fun to talk at.

New Relic - no time to fix

fast and furious from newrelic - Another perspective on fast engineering and technical debt.

Swearing in the workplace - don't be a faker

UEA survey on swearing - Why swearing can be good; Survey says 'never mind the b**s' from the University of East Anglia (UEA)

for the gamers among you - - simply incredible.

for the gamers among you - - simply incredible. - Black Annex is the best QBASIC game you've ever seen, via PCWorld

ZFS for staging services

this is interesting if you cut through the marketing amaze-balls crap.

Emacs and Haskell - making money

damn. another idea blown. emacs as a dev stack is going mainstream? - An amazing project to make a trading system using bits and pieces including Emacs org-mode.

elnode is finally on melpa after this:

Elnode is packaged for MELPA - MELPA is an Emacs package repository based on automatic production from GitHub.

Nic's screencast on making multi-file elpa packages and using elpakit

I think elpakit is great, people should use it. - This is a demo of how to build multi-file packages.