Interesting things in March

Here's my regularish list of stuff that's interesting. Not that much around that's sparking my interest. Maybe that's because I'm busy on client site or maybe there isn't much of interest in March. Certainly it feels cold and miserable where I am.


Make your vagrant machines in EC2. Pretty awesome.

Make your vagrant machines in EC2. Pretty awesome.

Tablet banking

if the ipad is used by frontline bank staff, will it still be cool? Barclays iPad order could open door to wider bank use.

Interesting new mifi like wifi router.

Cheaper mifi thing, looks good.

The raspberry pi and Elnode, perfect match

This guy put together a gate opener with raspberry pi and elnode. Elnode is a nice simple server to just fire the shell script and wrap it with HTTP. Elnode is awesome for that.

ZAP - an open source pen testing tool

FOSS pen testing tool - zaproxy - an easy to use integrated penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications. - Google Project Hosting.

Seems like at least one pro-tool is based on this. Why pay when it's free?

Code analysis tools for your CD pipeline

Souce code analysis tool - for the securities dude.