ChatOps - Jesse Newland's talk @ puppetconf

Everyone is pairing, all of the time - Jesse Newland

In this video from Jesse Newland (GitHub ops guy) he introduces the subject of ChatOps as way of improving the communication flow in ops.

I didn't go to Puppet Conf, by the looks of this video I should have because this exactly chimes with my experience over the last few years.

This is an Ops focussed talk but companies like Etsy are finding that centralizing Chat brings the whole company together. I think this is just an extension of Jesse's line: everyone is pairing, all of the time.

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ChatOps vs DevOps

I think we're done with "DevOps". All I see is organizations renaming their Ops teams, or optimistic sysadmins, renaming themselves as DevOps. A DevOps team is NOT the point, never has been and never will be. But it does seem like the argument has been lost.

So what next to try to get people to focus on actually changing the culture, instead of just changing a name?

Well, ChatOps is a concrete thing. You can tick the boxes:

There's a clear progression and you can measure your progress easily:

So I think having a concrete thing like ChatOps is a good thing for fighting the ambiguity of DevOps.