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Nic's law of first class-ness

This is my first law so I might not have the process completely right. You just write a blog post claiming your law, right? Thought so.

Nic's law of first class-ness states:

everything around computer code eventually migrates to being first class

which means that tools, techniques and processes for dealing with code eventually get replaced by first class techniques in the source code itself.

Some examples:

An addendum to the rule might go on to explain that just because things become first class that doesn't mean that we stop using the original thing completely. Just because we do versioned change in code now it doesn't mean that we abandon git, it's just we use git for something else (personal workflow now).

But that also is not intended to weasel away from the fact that everything around computer code eventually becomes first class. Git might not be replaced by first class-ness in the first instance. But that is what will ultimately replace it.

And humans? they're around code, right? Yes. That's right. They are.

Nic Ferrier reserves the right to retract this rule at any time under the Internet Convention For Making Rules Up On The Spot